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The data requested and obtained by PERTERPAUL ENTERTAINMENT, SL through various forms of data collection of this website will be treated at all times under the existing legislation to protect personal data.

Accordingly, PERTERPAUL ENTERTAINMENT, SL has taken safety levels required by the Rules of Security Measures approved by Royal Decree 994/1999 of June 6. However, it is necessary to indicate that technical safety in an environment like the Internet is not impregnable and there may be illegal actions by third parties outside PERTERPAUL ENTERTAINMENT, SL

In each case, and reportedly expressly in the forms of collection, data collected will be incorporated into the relevant files of personal data that are duly registered by the Data Protection Agency and those PERTERPAUL ENTERTAINMENT, SL is responsible.

To do so, you should express, prior express consent by the acceptance, in the form in question, the clause data protection requirement without which it will be available to the department concerned. Therefore, by clicking on the 'submit' on the form, you explicitly agree that their data may be processed in accordance with the purposes set out in the clause.

ENTERTAINMENT PERTERPAUL, S.L. may use cookies during the delivery of various services provided through the website. Cookies are automatic procedures for collecting information relating to certain preferences by a user during his visit to a particular website. This information is recorded in small files that are stored in the computers of the user so imperceptible. Each time the user returns to access the website in question these files are automatically activated so that the website is configured with the preferences identified in previous visits. In short, cookies are files of personal information housed in the User's own terminal and associated unequivocally this terminal.

Users can configure their browser so as to prevent the creation of cookies or warn the moment when this happens. The website PERTERPAUL ENTERTAINMENT, S.L. is accessible without the need they're enabled options relating to the cookie files, although they may prevent the proper functioning of security mechanisms for certain services or exclusive services that require greater security. As a general rule, the purpose of the cookie files of the website is to facilitate navigation of the user.

You may exercise, in a manner completely free, rights of access, cancellation and opposition by contacting PERTERPAUL ENTERTAINMENT, SL for this purpose as follows:
a. - either through a letter sent to PERTERPAUL Entertainment, Inc., established in Madrid, Calle Alcala 189, CP 28009.
b. - either through an e-mail to info [at sign] proFurgol.com
In both cases must be indicated, in a visible, concrete that right is exercised. This document has been translated by an automated system and will be available translated by humans as soon as possible.

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